Chain Hoist Dealers in Chennai

Product Description

We at Tirusul Wire Rope & Lifting Gears Pvt Ltd supply wide-ranging chain hoists tailored to the varying needs of the customers. The chain in these hoists lifts and moves a large number of loads. Being one of the best chain hoist dealers in Chennai, the products we supply are made of premium materials by the use of advanced technology.  Easy to use and hassle-free functioning is the biggest plus points of our products and has high demand amongst the customers.


Our experienced technical team is aware of changing market demands of industrial lifts. We have set strict and well-defined quality parameters and our supplied products meet that framework.


  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Long-lasting, durable and sturdy
  • High-performing
  • Affordable

What is Chain Hoist?

Hand chain hoist is mechanical equipment that is used to lift large loads with the use of a chain or rope. When we pull the chain, it starts to roll the wheels and start lifting the load attached to the chain by a hook.  Chain Blocks are attached to the lifting strings or chain bags so that the loads will be pulled in a balanced way.

Why use Chain hoist

The chain hoist is mostly used in garages because of its high lifting capabilities. In garages, there is a need for removing the engines from vehicles easily. This mechanical equipment can be operated by a single person. This chain hoist can perform the job of more than one worker effortlessly. This equipment is also used in construction sites where there is a need for lifting heavy loads to higher levels. In assembly line industries, the loads are lifted to and from the belt and sometimes hoist the vehicles from an unreliable terrain. These chain hoists come in a range of capacities for different demands. Know more about the chain hoist dealers in Chennai.

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