Best Winch Dealers in Chennai

We are involved in providing a variety of mechanical and electrical winch that are ideally suitable to pull and lift the load to the heights. Being one of the top-ranked winch dealers in Chennai, we provide various industrial electrical and manual winches, industrial heavy duty manual and electric winches, heavy duty electric winch, powerful or super winch, and Winch Capstan. We also provide a single or multilayer Winch according to customer requirements.

What is Winch?

Winch is a type of mechanical device that is used to pull and release or roll and launch to adjust the tension of the wire called a cable wire. Winch is mostly used for mechanical work on the backstage of film that is during shooting or in live event industry. Winch consists of a horizontal cylinder and is rotated back by crank where the wire or rope wind is tied. Winch is also embedded on the floor to move large loads on and off the set if needed.


It is ideal for heavy-duty work.ย  Industrial and electrical winch have the following features:

  • Compact size
  • Final drive gears consisting of heat-driven carbon provides sturdiness
  • Brake band for manual operation
  • Used for mounting cranes, derrick, and davits
  • Emergency crank handle
  • In the case of AC & DC electric winch models available
  • Rust proof because of the stainless steel frame
  • Die-formed base helps in fast installation applications

The winches are of two types-electrical and mechanical. The electrical winches work through a button. Here, you donโ€™t have to make any effort and electricity is needed to carry out the operations. On the other hand, there are manual winches that require human effort and work via mechanical energy.




Types of Winch on Offer

  • Mild Steel Motorized Winch
  • Mild Steel Electric Pneumatic Winch with Capacity: 2-4 Ton
  • Crab Winches
  • Hand Winch Machine
  • Teryair-MCW200 Pneumatic Driven Winches
  • Boom Tower Hoist Mild Steel Glass lifting winch crane
  • Electric Mild Steel Mini Hand Winch
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