Manila Rope Dealers in Chennai

To fulfill the requirements of our customers, we are involved in offering an exquisite range of manila ropes of impeccable quality. These ropes have been procured from renowned vendors and are made of the finest quality hard natural manila fibers. Being one of the best manila rope dealers in Chennai, we have a wide network of vendors and customers. These ropes have been manufactured optimum quality and eco-friendly materials with the use of modern technologies. These ropes are extensively used in the commercial and marine sectors, even in household activities. These ropes are widely used in industrial sectors.


  • Optimum quality materials
  • Highly durable and can be long lasting under the water
  • First-class quality standards
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-melting on heat

What is Manila Rope?

Manila rope is made from Manila hemp. Manila hemp is one type of fiber that is obtained from the leaves of โ€œthe abacaโ€. It refers to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines that happens to be a major producer of abaca. Of course, itโ€™s not hemp actually but itโ€™s named so because hemp was long been the major source of fiber and as a result of that the other fibers have also been named after it.

Use of Manila Rope

Manila rope is very strong, durable at the same time itโ€™s a flexible natural fiber rope. It is highly resistant to saltwater wear and tear and makes it suitable for a range of uses. The pliable design of this type of rope makes it impeccably resistant to saltwater and adverse conditions. Manila rope shrinks when it gets wet which can be considered advantageous in some conditions. Manila ropes are rampantly in fishing nets, hawsers, and ships’ lines, etc.ย  These ropes are also used in handicraft products like bags, carpets, hangings, furniture, and clothing.

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