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Lifting Belt Web Sling Dealers in Chennai

Tirusul Wire Rope & Lifting Gears Pvt Ltd is one of the best lifting beltweb sling dealers in Chennai supplying a special range of POLYESTER NYLON SLING used for varied applications. The products are extremely durable and come in a variety of designs. The ease of maintenance increases the demand for the product.


Based in Chennai, the company strives to provide quality products at the best prices. The included sling fully secures the harness and provides a safer and quicker release mechanism. In accordance with international quality standards, the slings given are carefully inspected for various parameters.We offer a wide range of flat webbing slings woven from high-tenacity polyester yarns. With metal end fittings, these slings provide a solution for most lifting problems. 

What Lifting Slings or Web Slings

Lifting slings or web slings or webbing sling belts are used for carrying, lifting, and pulling loads weighbetween 1-10 tons. These slings have different rope colors. It is used for the same purpose wire rope, but is used differently. A webbing sling belt is a tough fabric woven into flat strips used for slings, webbing, runners, clasps, end fittings, anchor extenders, quickdraws, and buckles.  If you want to know about the best lifting belt web sling dealers in Chennai, then the visit website now!

Materials for making of Web Sling

Nylon is the most commonly used synthetic or plastic webbing sling. Nylon is unaffected and resistant to oils and fats. It exhibits strong chemical resistance to aldehydes, ethers, and even strong alkalis. However, nylon slings are not suitable for acid or bleach, or temperatures above 194°F. Web-sling lifting slings typically come with flat eyelets at each end, but can be changed if desired. Flat grommets are lifted resistant.

Features of webbing Slings

  • Can be used with flat belts with a safety factor of 7:1/5:1
  • Wide, flat seat provides better grip on smooth, fragile loads.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Ideal for lifting smooth, polished, and coated loads.